Resisting only itself, the Ice type is tied with Normal as the least-resistant type. However, it is immune to freezing, damage from hail, and Sheer Cold (as of Generation VII).


Ice pairs well with other common attacking types, most notably Ground, which deals at least neutral damage to all types resisting Ice and covers Fire and Steel while Ice covers Flying and Grass. As of Generation VII, Sheer Cold is more accurate when used by an Ice Pokémon.

Contest properties

When used in Pokémon Contests, most Ice-type moves become Beautiful moves, with one Cool move being the only exception.


a Left column: experimental density at atmospheric pressure but at the temperature of stability (this will contain crystal boundaries and faults); right column: crystallographic density [].

b Low-density amorphous ice ().
The structural data in the Table is given assuming LDA has
the structure of .

c High-density amorphous ice ().
The structural data in the Table is given assuming HDA has
the structure of crushed .

d Very high-density amorphous
ice (). The structural data
in the Table assumes no hydrogen bond rearrangements from
LDA or HDA. As VHDA is likely to be a relaxed form of HDA,
this assumption seems unlikely [].

e Structure consists of two interpenetrating
frameworks. []

f Although primarily ordered or
disordered, ordered arrangements of hydrogen-bonding may not
be perfect and disordered arrangements of hydrogen-bonding
are not totally random as there are correlated and non-bonded
preferential effects. []

g This ice is reported to be more likely a trigonal structure made up of 2H3Oδ++ O— + H2 rather than a 2H2 + O2 alloy [].

hCrystal cell parameters have
been collated. The right-hand column gives the space group. []

i Relative permittivities (dielectric constants) fall into
two categories depending on whether the hydrogen bonds are
ordered (low values) or disordered (high values). []

An H2O ice molecule (a)

obeying the ‘ice rules’

jThe ‘ice rules’:
(also called the Bernal–Fowler rules []) each water molecule (right labeled ‘a’) has four hydrogen-bonded neighbors, two
hydrogen atoms near each oxygen (≈ 1 ), one hydrogen
atom on each O····O bond; thus
H-O-H···OH2 and H2O···H-O-H
are allowed, but H-O-H···H-O-H and H2O···OH2 are not; see H2O molecule a right). As the H-O-H angles are about
106.6º [], the hydrogen
bonds are not straight (although shown so in the figures). Weaknesses (Bjerrum defects; 66
kˣ mol-1 [])
in the ice crystal are apparent where the ice
rules are disobeyed. Both O····O
contacts, without an intervening proton (L defect, ‘leer’ defect) and O-H····H-O
contacts (D defect, ‘doppelt’ defect, with two protons between the pair of oxygen atoms) may occur due to molecular rotations where
neighboring water molecules fail to adjust their hydrogen-bonding. Another type of defect is the ionic defect caused by the presence of H3O+ and OH- ions (135 k ˣ mol-1 []). The addition of ammonium fluoride as a hydrogen-disordering agent in ordered hydrogen bond ices (e.g. ice II and ice VIII) can destroy the hydrogen bond ordering as F- can accept up to 4 H-bonds and NH4+ can donate up to 4 H-bonds and both ions can fit in an ice hydrogen-bonded lattice []). []

k Ice XI was first described as a fully-ionic antifluorite structure formed at around 100 GPa []. Ice XI is also known as ice XIII. These have not been experimentally verified and, therefore perhaps, are best not referred to with the numerical designations first used. []

m The antifluorite structure consists of a face-centered cubic (FCC) unit cell with oxygen anions occupying the FCC lattice points (corners and faces), and hydrogen cations occupy the eight tetrahedral sites within the FCC lattice.

n The can be stated as dT/dP=TΔV/ΔH=ΔV/ΔS where P, T, H, V, and S are the pressure, temperature, enthalpy, volume, and entropy. This may be extended to be

dT/dP=T(sign α2V2 — sign α1V1)ΔV/ΔH

where α represents the thermal expansion coefficients, for use with phases with negative expansion coefficients including the ice phase changes


[]. []

o At 5 TPa. []

p The figures in brackets are the relative number of such rings. For the crystalline ices, they are from [].

q Data corrected to 0 °C, for direct comparison to ice Ih. The densities were determined at ≈ 80 K (ice Ih 0.932 g ˣ cm-3, ice Ic 0.943 g ˣ cm-3, LDA 0.937 g ˣ cm-3) []. []

r This ice has not been experimentally confirmed []

Метод оценки ICE

ICE Scoring: Как это работает?

  • Влияние показывает, насколько ваша идея положительно повлияет на ключевой показатель, который вы пытаетесь улучшить.
  • Легкость реализации — это о простоте реализации. Это оценка того, сколько усилий и ресурсов требуется для реализации этой идеи.
  • Уверенность показывает, насколько вы уверены в оценках влияния и легкости реализации.

В качестве примера, применим это к фиче «Виджеты для Dashboard»:

Влияние: насколько это будет эффективно? Что это даст нашим пользователям и их целям и задачам?

Легкость реализации: насколько легко будет разрабатывать, тестировать и запускать эту фичу?

Уверенность: как я могу быть уверен, что эта фича приведет к такому улучшению, которое я описал в Impact и займет столько-то времени?

Недостатки ICE

  • одна и та же фича может оцениваться по-разному одним и тем же лицом в разное время. Это может повлиять на окончательный список приоритетов.
  • если разные люди оценивают фичи — все они будут оценивать ее по-разному.
  • члены команды, которые хотят, чтобы их фичи были приоритетными, могут манипулировать результатами, чтобы получить аппрув.


  • When ice is broken, it makes the same breaking sound as glass.
  • Blocks of water in arctic biomes will occasionally freeze, forming blocks of ice.
  • If ice is placed directly next to lava or water, the liquid will be invisible.
  • By sprinting and jumping while on ice and inside a 2-block tall tunnel, it is possible to move 16 blocks a second, twice as fast as a full-speed minecart. By replacing the 2-block ceiling with trapdoors, it’s possible to travel 1000 blocks in 54 seconds, or 18.518 blocks per second. However, this will drain a player’s hunger bar extremely quickly at roughly 1 unit per second.
  • Ice can be melted by any block or item that emits a high light level.
  • Ice in the Pocket Edition does not have the same transparency as in the PC version.
  • When ice is thrown on the ground, you can see through chests and some other blocks.
  • A boat will move extremely fast across the top of ice blocks.



Ice is slightly slippery, causing entities (excluding minecarts) to slide, including items. This also allows for increased speed in water currents by placing the ice block under the water current. A player who runs and jumps repeatedly on ice travels faster than on any other block type.

When a non-full block is placed on top of ice, the block has the same «slipperiness» as the ice below it; although, if ice is placed below soul sand, it just increases the slowing effect of the soul sand rather than making it slippery.‌[Java Edition only]

Creating wateredit

Ice can be used to create water either by it melting or being broken. If there is another block directly underneath the ice block, the ice reverts to water when broken. Ice also melts into water if the light level immediately next to it on any side is higher than 11, from light sources other than sunlight (and regardless of whether there’s a block below). In Bedrock and Education editions, ice also melts when near a heat block, though heat blocks do not produce light. If ice melts or is broken in the Nether, no water is produced.


  • While critics did give the film positive reviews, the audience loved the film even more.
  • Was a box office hit when it was released in 2002.
  • Grossed $383 million worldwide against it’s $59 million budget.
  • Only film in the Ice Age franchise where David Newman composed the musical score.
  • Is the highest-rated Ice Age film with a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 60 on Meatcritic.
  • Often considered to be the best Ice Age film.
  • The film’s massive success helped launch Blue Sky Studios into a successful animation studio.
  • Was originally going to be a dramatic, non-comedic hand-drawn animated film directed by Don Bluth, but was given to Blue Sky and they turned it into the computer-animated film that we all know.
  • 20th Century Fox would only take this film if it was turned into a comedy.
  • Many love this film for it’s heartwarming story and it’s well-written and likable characters.
  • David Newman also composed Anastasia, another 20th Century Fox animated film.
  • Every actor was encouraged to improvise as much as they can to keep the animation spontaneous.
  • This was the only film to use Blue Sky Studios’ old “blue dash” logo as it only appears on trailers and posters (even on the poster to Robots), as later with the release of Robots, it would use the iconic one (the “blue circle shield”) logo.
  • A special 2-disc «Super Cool Edition» Ice Age DVD was released on March 14, 2006, which includes a ticket to see Ice Age: The Meltdown.
  • The first film to have a bittersweet ending. The bittersweet ending is when Diego gets killed by Soto and comes back to life.
  • A scene from this film was featured in the 2010 film Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


Natural generationedit

Ice can be found naturally as part of the landscape in from frozen lakes, rivers, and oceans. It can also be found in igloos, Ice Spikes, and Icebergs.

Snowy biomesedit

See also: Ice farming

Water source blocks in a snowy biome eventually freeze into ice if exposed to the sky from directly above, the light level immediately adjacent to the water block on all sides is less than 13, and there is at least one horizontally adjacent non-water block. This can happen at any time of day, and in any weather condition. If the highest adjacent light level is 12, an ice block alternately melts and re-freezes when it receives a block tick.

Water also freezes into ice in mountains biomes above the level that snow forms.

Ice Bombedit

When an Ice Bomb is thrown to the water, it transforms the water in a 3x3x3 cube centered around the projectile into ice. This works for source water or flowing water upon hit.‌[Bedrock and Education editions only]


Java Edition Classic
May 20, 2009 Notch briefly mentioned, «Winter is an awesome idea. I can see snow and tiles slowly getting covered in a layer of snow. Also, ice on lakes. :D»
May 21, 2009 Notch shows interest in adding ice as a slippery block.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.4 Added ice.
Ice replaces surface water in Winter Mode worlds.
v1.0.5_01 Water exposed to snowfall now freezes to ice.
Java Edition
1.0.0 Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4 Mining ice with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch now causes ice to drop, which can then be brought to the Nether as a source of water.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5 Ice blocks can no longer be collected with the Silk Touch enchantment because of the water loophole above.
1.3.1 12w17a Ice blocks can now be legitimately obtained in survival mode by harvesting them with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
Ice no longer produces water in the Nether.
12w22a Inventory sprites for blocks have now been flipped from left to right, changing to .
1.7.2 13w41a Ice, water and portals are now visible through each other.
1.9 15w43a Ice blocks now generate as a part of igloos.
15w51a Water produced by melting ice blocks now flows.
1.13 17w47a Prior to The Flattening, this block’s numeral ID was 79.
18w15a Mobs can now spawn on top of ice.
18w19a Only polar bears can now spawn on top of ice.
pre2 Ice can now be used to craft packed ice.
1.14 18w43a The texture of ice has now been changed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.1.0 Added ice.
0.2.0 Ice blocks are now opaque.
0.12.1 build 1 Ice blocks can now be legitimately obtained in survival mode by harvesting them with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0 beta Ice blocks are now fully transparent.
1.4.0 beta Ice blocks now generate naturally in the new icebergs and deep frozen oceans.
beta When a thrown ice bomb hits water, it now transforms water into ice in 3×3 area.
1.8.0 beta Ice can now be used to craft packed ice.
1.10.0 beta The texture of ice has now been changed.
Legacy Console Edition
Added ice.
Ice blocks can now be obtained in survival mode by harvesting them with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe.
The ability for ice to create water in the Nether has now been removed.
The texture of ice has now been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0 Added ice.


Name Description
Chill Drive A cassette to be held by Genesect. It changes Genesect’s Techno Blast move so it becomes Ice type.
Ice Gem A gem with an ordinary essence. When held, it strengthens the power of a Ice-type move one time.
Ice Memory A memory disc that contains Ice-type data. It changes the type of the holder if held by a certain species of Pokémon.
Icicle Plate An item to be held by a Pokémon. It’s a stone tablet that boosts the power of Ice-type moves.
Icium Z It converts Z-Power into crystals that upgrade Ice-type moves to Ice-type Z-Moves.
Never-Melt Ice An item to be held by a Pokémon. It’s a heat-repelling piece of ice that boosts the power of Ice-type moves.
Snowball An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts Attack if hit with an Ice-type attack. It can only be used once.
Yache Berry If held by a Pokémon, this Berry will lessen the damage taken from one supereffective Ice-type attack.
All details are accurate to Generation VII games. For details that have changed between generations, please see an individual item’s page.


Interacting with the Ice type

A Pokémon with Color Change, Protean, Imposter, Forecast, RKS System, or Multitype will become an Ice-type Pokémon if (respectively) it is hit with an Ice-type move, uses an Ice-type move, is sent out against an Ice-type opponent, if the weather is hail, if it is holding an Ice Memory, or if it is holding an Icicle Plate or Icium Z.

Gen Ability Description
VI Refrigerate Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.
III Thick Fat Boosts resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.
All details are accurate to Generation VI games. For details that have changed between generations, please see an individual Ability’s page.

Exclusive Abilities

Only Ice-type Pokémon can have these Abilities. This does not include signature Abilities.

Gen Ability Description
VII Slush Rush Boosts the Pokémon’s Speed stat in a hailstorm.
VI Refrigerate Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.
IV Snow Cloak Boosts evasion in a hailstorm.
IV Snow Warning The Pokémon summons a hailstorm when it enters a battle.
All details are accurate to Generation VII games. For details that have changed between generations, please see an individual Ability’s page.


  • Upon the release of the quest, the spoilers said, «Spoilers for this quest are currently frozen in a block of ice. Please return tomorrow, by which time it should have melted.»
  • This quest was members-only prior to 9 October . Its skill requirements were also lowered from 10 and 11 to 5 to accommodate free players’ restrictions.
  • A cutscene during the quest is the only way of seeing a baby green dragon other than summoning pets because there are no baby green dragons in the game unlike all the other chromatic dragons.
  • This quest is a commentary on global warming:
    • Drorkar, whose salary is paid for by an industry, is intended to represent politicians who allow themselves to be ‘bought’ by industry.
    • The icefiends are meant to represent the environment, without voices with which to speak for themselves; Professor Arblenap plays the role of an environmental activist.
    • Brother Bordiss represents one whose innovative solutions with alternative energy are suppressed by those who stand to lose profit as a result.
    • Mostly, Jagex’s societal commentary (in quests or otherwise) is quite neutral, in this one, they seem to take a clear cut stance. Also, soon after this quest was released, multiple threads appeared on the official forums condemning Jagex for endorsing one side in the controversial issue of global warming.
  • Should you choose to «say nothing» to Brother Bordiss, a «conversation» in which neither person says a thing will start, eventually Brother Althric will say «Will you two keep it down? I’m trying to concentrate.»
  • When you talk to the Oracle after you repair her tent, you say «Shut up, you crazy woman!», to which she will reply angrily by saying: «Frogs!».
  • Upon completing this quest one’s Adventurer’s Log will read «A dragon-fuelled power station was destroying the environment around Ice Mountain. I managed to replace it with a wind-powered station.»
  • When viewing the stats of a Baby Icefiend while it is in your inventory it says the attack rate is standard, even though they are not aggressive and cannot be equipped.
  • If you have not retrieved the plans and talk to Bordiss, he will ask you if you have got them but the conversation ends after you continue.

Расширение Межконтинентальной биржи

С момента своего создания ICE обозначила далеко идущие планы. Название говорит само за себя – Межконтинентальная биржа. Сразу после основания начались активные поглощения.

  • Уже через год после основания, в 2001 году, ICE приобрела IPE (Международная нефтяная биржа, Лондон), ныне известна как ICE Futures Europe.
  • 2003 год – начало партнерства с CCX (Чикагская климатическая биржа).
  • 2007 год – ознаменовался сразу несколькими знаковыми поглощениями. В состав ICE вошли:
    • NYBOT (Нью-Йоркский совет по торговле),
    • ChemConnect (Химический товарный рынок),
    • WCE (Виннипегская товарная биржа), стоимость сделки — $40 млн.
  • 2008 год – за $625 млн. приобретена компания Creditex. Ее владельцы получили $60 млн. деньгами, а остальную сумму в виде обыкновенных акций ICE по курсу на тот момент.
  • В 2008 году ICE начала партнерство с Канадской биржей природного газа, входящей в состав TSX Group.
  • 2010 год – приобретены две климатические биржи: Climate Exchange PLC (за $622 млн.) и ECX (Европейская климатическая биржа). Ныне ICE Futures Europe – ведущий рынок выбросов СО2.
  • 2013 год – ICE приобрела компанию NYSE Euronext за $8,2 млрд. Однако уже через год Euronext вывели в отдельную публичную акционерную компанию (без LIFFE, Лондонской международной биржи финансовых фьючерсов и опционов) и продали на фондовом рынке 60% ее акций. Впрочем, Межконтинентальная биржа сохранила контроль над крупнейшей фондовой площадкой мира, владея самым крупным пакетом ее акций.
  • 2014 год – приобретена компания SuperDerivatives. Сумма сделки — $350 млн.
  • 2015 год – приобретена компания IDC (Interactive Data Corporation). Сумма сделки — $5,2 млрд.
  • 2016 год – приобретена компания SPSE (Standard & Poor’s Securities Evaluations).
  • 2017 год:
    • приобретена компания TMX Atrium,
    • приобретена индексная платформа Global Research (индексы серии BofAML), принадлежавшая Bank of America Merrill Lynch,
    • за 275 млн. EUR приобретено 4,7% Euroclear, впоследствии доля увеличена до 10%,
    • за $400 млн. приобретена Virtu BondPoint.
  • 2018 год:
    • приобретена Чикагская фондовая биржа (CHX),
    • за $685 млн. поглощена TMC Bonds LLC,
    • приобретена компания MERSCORP Holding.
  • 2019 год – за $335 млн. приобретена компания Simplifile, LC.

Как видим, ICE задает тон не только на товарном мировом рынке, но и рынке ценных бумаг через владение рядом фондовых бирж, включая крупнейшую в мире NYSE.

Не все планы поглощения ICE реализовывались. Некоторые сделки не состоялись из-за отказа владельцев или запрета финансовых регуляторов, опасавшихся монополизации рынка.

  1. В 2007 году ICE не удалось приобрести Чикагскую торговую комиссию за $9,9 млрд. Ее обошла другая американская биржа — CME Group.
  2. В декабре 2015 года ICE заплатила GFI Group $650 млн. за платформу Trayport. Однако британский регулятор CMA (Управление по конкуренции и рынкам) увидел риски создания монополии и вынудил ICE избавиться от нового актива. Суд, в который обратилась Межконтинентальная биржа, не помог. В 2017 году Trayport была продана TMX Group. ICE получила деньгами лишь часть от заплаченной суммы – 350 млн. GBR, остальное активами TMX Group.


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Computer ices

There are many other possible crystalline structures of solid water (ice) that fit with the of water’s hydrogen-bonding, and that obey the. These ‘metastable’ states may be generated using molecular models but whether they are important in the real world needs to be determined by experiment. One such ice is ice 0 (see below), a tetragonal structure (unit cell 12 molecules; 90º, 90º, 90º, 5.93 , 5.93 ,
10.74 ; 0.95 g ˣ cm-3) containing 5-, 6- and 7-membered rings that has been proposed as a structure formed during the crystallization of ice Ic and ice Ih from supercooled water []. Interestingly this ice 0 structure contains partial dodecahedral clusters consisting of three linked pentamers (H2O)11 as thought to exist in supercooled water and .

Ice 0 []; 3 x 3 x3 unit cells viewed down the x- and z-axes. The view down the y-axis is similar to that down the x-axis

In these diagrams of ice 0,
the hydrogen-bonding is shown ordered whereas, in reality,
it is random, obeying the.

Interactive structures of ice 0 (Jmol) are available. Another computer ice has been proposed as a metastable link in the crystallization of ice VII at 10 GPa, 425 K [].

The empty has been proposed to be the most stable ice phase at very high negative (i.e., very stretched conditions) pressures [].

Ice χ (ice-chi, []). Using free-energy computations a further high density (1.272 g ˣ cm-3) ice is found under high external electric field (2.3 V ˣ nm-1) as the most stable structure in the high-pressure/low-temperature region, located between ice II and ice VI, and the low-temperature neighbor of ice V exhibiting two triple points at 606 MPa, 131.23 K (ice II ice V, ice χ) and 945 MPa, 144.24 K (ice V, ice χ, ice VI). The computed ferroelectric crystal structure is orthorhombic with space group Fdd2 with the lattice parameters of the 56-water molecule unit cell being a = 24.34 Å, b = 12.53 Å, and c = 4.32 Å. All water molecules are oriented in the direction of the external electric field. [].

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